Control Linux from your Android phone with Ubuntu – Unified Remote

Hello everyone, welcome to this new entry in my blog, where I will be explaining a step by step of how to install and configure your android cell phone to control certain services of your UBUNTU.

Install unified remote application.

You must select the S.O that you use, we will select, Linux and Debian 64 bits (there is also an option if your PC is 32 bits)

If you have ubuntu this will automatically be downloaded and opened with discover, to install the .deb packaging

instead if you have arch, you must install it from yay.
with the command
(yay unified-remote) -> to see if you are in yay and to install -> yay -S unified-remote-server)

After this, we must install the application from our cell phone which we will use for this tutorial is Android.

in this link, you can download it from the play store

We will use the Free version that allows us certain permissions, the other two applications are paid.

After having installed the application to the cell phone, we return to the computer and this time, the first thing we are going to do is launch the unified remote application that we have installed.

Tutorial from Video in Youtube for all!

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