Customization icons and cursor in desktop lxqt Lubuntu 20.04 lts

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to show you how to personalize your desktop with some free icons (that make your lxqt look very minimalist)

The first clear step is to download the icons (I’ll leave them in a link)
After downloads, what you do is unzip them, two folders will appear, one of wallpapers and the other with the name of the icons.

In this case, the first thing we are going to do is take the folder where the icons are and add it to a root folder

you need permissions, therefore if you don’t have nautilus
you download it with the command.
sudo apt install nautilus

then you open nautilus with the following command
sudo nautilus

and you take the cursor folder and move it to the icons folder
in the path: /usr/share/icons

Mojave and mojave dark must be moved without them being in a folder, but each folder separately.

In the other folder when you unzip it, something like cursors appears, you must move it to the icons folder too.

and ready we have our icons and our cursor are practically installed on our pc.

and if on the contrary you don’t want to install any package, you can do it manually by moving the files to the path where you need them (obviously giving super user permissions)
sudo mv folder_name /usr/share/icons/
in the path: root/usr/share/icons

you must move what brings the files, in this case there is a folder called “my themes” that when unzipping it gives you something like “mojave”, that folder contains two folders called mojave and mojave dark you must move them without them being on that folder, but each folder separately.

and ready we have our icons and our cursor already practically installed on our pc.

Then we go to preferences-> LXQT configuration -> aspect

after this, we go to Icons theme, after that we select the icons that we just installed

and finally we go to cursor, and select the cursor that we just installed.

Ready you have the icons installed and the cursors.


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