¡Hello World!

Hello to everyone, welcome to this new phase in my life, I have created a blog where I will post many tutorials, news, projects, applications and more.

This change I have been making since I left studying, but due to the time and commitment it has been too difficult, but nevertheless I have put all of myself to make it work and I know that with the help of all of you, it will work.

My most thanks to my community Ubuntu Colombia, without them I could not have found a balance of what I wanted to do with my life, I owe everything to them.

and for my mother that despite all the circumstances, the problems and so many things in life that we have gone through together, that sparkle in her eyes still shows when I tell her that I am creating a new project or that I have been selected in a conference, they are things that neither money nor anything in life can buy.

I hope you like all my posts and I will always be open to hear feedback that allows me to continue growing and improving as a person, because beyond being the best programmer, there are also the values ​​that despite all make a difference.

I hope you enjoy this little blog, which has been created with a lot of effort, desire and above all LOVE!


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